E-learning Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Login, users
I cannot login to the e-learning platform. What is wrong?
If this is the first time to access any university network, Freshmen must login to the website https://joker.szie.hu/index.php?lang=en.The Username is the student's Neptun Code (SZIE ID) and the password constitutes of  the letters "Ne" and the 8 digits of the student's date of birth in the following order: YYYYMMDD (e.g.: Ne19940315.)
After logging in, the pre-set password must be changed. From then on, the Neptun code and the new password can be used to access university systems including E-learning, webmail, and Wi-Fi and also serves as identification for accessing databases remotely. From time-to-time it needs to be renewed. (The password replacement does not affect the Neptun System.)
If you have forgotten your password, or have problems logging in, you should contact the SZIU Informatics Department at the address helpdesk@szie.hu.
How do I gain access to a course?
Locate the course by the link given by your teacher or search by course name or Neptun code. If your teacher has given you an enrolment key, enter it when prompted, and click Enrol me in this course. Once you are enroled in a course, it will appear on your Dashboard under "My courses" any time that your are logged into the site.
Where can I find all my courses?
After logging in, all courses that you enroled in, will be listed under "My courses".
I am a student and cannot find the course I need to  enrol in.  What can I do?
Check your Neptun messages. Your teacher must have sent you all the information needed trough Neptun. You can also search a course by Neptun Code or Course name. When doing so, you need to do the selection carefully. Check all the details, such as year, semester, faculty, type of study (full time, part-time), even the teacher's name. If you have doubts, better contact your teacher.
Do not fill out the course request form on the E-learning platform, for that is reserved for teacher's use only.
I am a student. I enroled in a course, but it appears differently than it appears to my collegues. How is this possible?
If you can see other things in a course than what your collegues see or cannot find stuff mentioned by your teacher, you must have been enroled in the wrong course, for sure.  Check the course's link at the top, and compare it with the one given by the teacher.  Each course has a 4 digit identification number, which is included in the link.
How does the link of a course look like? 
Example:  https://elearning.szie.hu/course/view.php?id=xxxx , in whivh xxxx is a four digit number, unique for each course.
I have questions regarding the use of the E-learning system. Whom shall I contact?
If you have questions regarding the use of the E-learning system, you should contact the e-learning administrators at  elearning@szie.hu .
If you cannot find a course, you should contact your teacher.
If you cannot login to the e-learning platform, please contact helpdesk@szie.hu