MTMT Information

MTMT is an acronym for Hungarian Scientific Publications Database. MTMT2 was launched on November 1st, 2018.

Regarding the conversion from MTMT to MTMT2, we provide group trainings and personal consultations for the University academic staff.
The MTMT playground is used for learning and experimenting.

MTMT is maintained and operated by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and it is the official bibliographic and citation database containing information on scientific publications published by Hungarian scientists.
The Hungarian Scientific Publications Database contains bibliographic data of all scientific publications of Faculty academic staff and of PhD students beginning with 2007. Uploading non-scientific and pre-2007 publications to the Database is optional.

The Kosáry Domokos Library and Archives provides administrative and methodological background in order to ensure uploading all the scientific publications of the university in the database.

Authors can upload their publications to the Database by themselves. When uploading, we ask authors to indicate the Department/Institute they are employed to, or the Doctoral School they are studying at.

With inquiries regarding upload and verification, please contact the faculty administrators.