Researched risk factors of food chain: 2018

Gábor Géczi, Péter Korzenszky (editors)
HOF Foundation
Year of Publishing: 

If the words food and risk come up as a topic, people mainly think about the human health, and its affecting factors. The food products arrive to the consumer after production, processing, and transport. The sum of these is called Food Chain. Although these 'Chains' are different in many ways, they have a kind of transparency and orderliness, that can be identified and explored, methods can be followed. The purpose of these food chain methods is to avoid the hazards occurring trough food chain, and to grant safe, quantitatively and qualitatively appropriate food for consumers.
To introduce the risk factors of the food chain, the authors asked around their acquaintances and colleagues, such as lecturers, educators, researchers and students to share their opinion and research papers on this topic. As a result, this book is a collection of 35 short communications of 104 researchers working at 20 different universities and corporations, from 6 different countries.
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